Quality Landscaping Supplies and Delivery

For 15 years, Awbury Arboretum Landscapes, located in Historic Germantown, has landscaped and maintained the 55 acre Awbury Arboretum, many other prestigious non-profit institutions and beautiful residences throughout greater Philadelphia.

We now offer the same locally sourced high quality landscaping supplies to the public that we have used for years with our clients – at very competitive prices.


Seasoned Hardwood for Your Fireplace

Well-aged oak, ash, maple and cherry hardwood from the arboretum that is split and hand selected on campus. Customers that bought last year told us it was the best firewood they have ever found. Limited quantities.

1 Cord – $250 including delivery

1/2 Cord – $140 including delivery

Stacking – $75 a cord.


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Screened Topsoil

Top soil is the upper surface of the Earth’s crust. It is mixed with minerals and composted material which creates a nutritious substrate for plants to grow in. In landscaping, fresh top soil is used for planting in gardens and flowerbeds.

Delivered -$40 per cubic yard

Minimum 3 yards


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Triple Ground Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Our mulch is aged, and shredded from a mixture of hardwood trees. The small particle size speeds up deterioration which allows for quicker nutrient release into the soil. It is screened for consistency and offers the best nutritional mulch value for your garden.

Our mulch is highly resistant to rain washouts and also acts as a weed retardant. Recommended for natural areas and as a top dress for a finished look.

Delivered – $40 per cubic yard

Minimum 3 yards


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Hardwood Wood Chips

Locally sourced from hardwood trees pruned or taken down by arborists on the arboretum and in surrounding communities.

Delivered – $15 per cubic yard plus $50 delivery charge

Minimum 3 yards 


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Organic Leaf Mulch – Produced on the Arboretum’s Campus

This premium organic leaf mulch is produced exclusively on the Arboretum’s campus.  It offers outstanding slow release nutrients for your flower or vegetable garden, at an outstanding price.  Top dress your gardens this fall and you will be rewarded in the spring with crops with increased vigor, size and productivity.

Delivered – $15 per cubic yard

plus $50 delivery charge

Minimum 3 yards


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