Professional Landscaping Services

For many years, AAL has been providing expert and very cost-effective landscaping maintenance services throughout Center City, Mt. Airy, Chestnut Hill and Historic Germantown to both institutional and residential clients. We have multiple very experienced landscaping crews working with very well maintained equipment and tools.  Professional landscaping maintenance, Philadelphia

Formed in 1998 as a for-profit division of Awbury Arboretum, our goal is to help raise revenue to support the arboretum’s mission “to preserve and interpret Awbury’s historic house and landscape, thereby connecting an urban community with nature and history.”

Therefore, when you enlist our landscape maintenance services to create the perfect outdoor space for your home or business, you are actually giving back to Awbury Arboretum to maintain beautiful public landscape as well. You can feel good about the difference you make.

Our Landscaping Maintenance Services include:

Free site visit and consultation

If you are interested in exploring our landscape maintenance services, we would be pleased to come out for a free site visit and estimate.

Lawn Maintenance: Organic (we are NOFA certified) and Traditional Lawn Care Available

  • Healthy Lawn Analysis: We evaluate your climate, site, soil condition, appropriate grass type and lawn usage to determine your lawn’s specific needs.
  • Soil Amendment: Balances pH for optimal lawn growth. Improves, nutrient availability, rooting and microorganism activity.
  • Mowing: Proper mowing is critical for a healthy lawn. Height of cut and frequencies of mows are dictated by the type of grass and the season. Sharp blades, alternating direction and appropriate speeds and heights provide superior results.
  • Edging: Edging your lawn can transform a yard into a beautiful landscape. And give it a finished and manicured look. Additionally, edging helps to define your garden
  • Fertilizing: Our advanced formula is applied at key points in every season to stimulate and maintain growth.
  • Aeration and over seeding: Opens compact soil to the flow of air, water and nutrients. Fills in thinning areas of turf with new seed.
  • Irrigation: The healthiest lawns are produced when they are watered heavily at infrequent intervals in the early moaning or evening.
  • Sod installation: Sod installation is an art that combines proper soil preparation prior to sod delivery as well as proper and immediate installation and watering after delivery.
  • Pre-emergent weed control: A pre-emergent is applied at certain times of the year to help prevent weeds from ever emerging.

Seasonal Property Cleanups:

  • Spring Cleanup: Our spring service focuses on cleanup of accumulated dead grass, leaves and other debris from your lawn and flower beds.  Our spring service manicures your property and prepares a healthy foundation for your plants for the upcoming season.
  • Fall Cleanup: In the fall, we prepare your property for winter and for the following spring. Allowing leaves to remain on your lawn during fall and winter promotes leaf mold and prevents sunlight and water from reaching the roots of your lawn resulting in an unhealthy Spring lawn.  Fall service includes collection and removal of leaves, sticks and debris from your lawn and bed areas. Additional services include cutting back grass and perennials, if desired. All collected debris is removed from your property or, if requested, moved to your composting area.Tripple shredded landscapers bark mulch
  • Mulching: Landscape mulch properly used will promote plant health and the appearance of your garden. Using the right mulch can help to conserve water, shield your plants’ roots from temperature extremes, improve the soil, and discourage the growth of weeds.  We offer two varieties of mulch; leaf mulch and triple ground hardwood mulch that are described in detail in the Landscaping Supplies section of our website.